ARK: Survival Evolved Unofficial PvPvE Server
​​Salamandastron is what we like to call a PvPvE server.

Our members love the constant, looming thrill of the threat to their bases.
What we don't like is the inevitable constant attention and time that true hardcore PvP takes.
We're adults here. We have work. School. Lives. 
But we love to play.

That's why our community has grown together to form this hard fought and well-defended balanced experience.
Quality of life is important. Time is important.

We also love to build.
Our beautifully crafted glass and metal modern architecture.
Our medieval castles, their battlements and ballistas towering above.
Hidden alcoves, soaring peaks, watery trenches, forest groves. 
Our buildings are deadly art. 
Break in... if you dare.

2x Experience
5x Gather
10x Tame
15x Mature
20x Hatch
Difficulty 5
Max Wild Dino Level 150
Max Player Level 100
Customized Engram Points Per Level
Player Stat Gain Per Level 2x (3x weight)
Tamed Dino Stat Gain Per Level 2x weight
Nights 25% Faster
Max Players Per Tribe 12
Structure and Dino Decay Enabled